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Finally we have a Fit Mom Chat Room where you can give your opinion, share your pregnancy journey, creative ideas, recipes, kick butt exercise moves, training schedules, favorite playlists, product reviews, as well as your weight loss struggles and accomplishments. I think it's nice to have people to bounce things off of and get their opinion on things.

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Kickbutt Workout Music

Having the best workout music is essential to having a kick butt fat burning session. I absolutely believe that the music can either make or break a workout. There are some songs that are just music to my feet and incredibly motivating for those long runs. I also have certain songs that get my muscles all fired up when I’m hitting the weights. Then there are other songs that are absolutely perfect for climbing a monstrous hill in spinning class. [See our featured playlist]

Check out Liz's awesome 60 minute playlist. If you have an kickbutt playlist, don't hesitate to share!

Kick Butt Cardio

Now that you got your IPOD loaded with great music, it's time to get to work burning some serious calories. This workout is inspired by the fact that the half marathon has been on my mind for the past few months and now a triathlon might be in my future. Swimming is not my strong point so I thought I would skip that and make it a mini biathlon.

Since running is a great quad/glute workout and biking is a awesome hamstring/calves workout, combining the two gives you a kick butt lower body workout. Again, incorporating intervals is going to blast more calories and make the most of your time than a steady pace workout. Now get to work!

More Kick Butt Cardio Workouts!


A pregnancy weight gain calculator is meant to provide you with a little guidance when it comes to watching those numbers on the scale start to creep up. It’s kind of funny that the weight we work so hard to shed pre-pregnancy is so essential to the growth and health of our baby while we are pregnant. This is definitely not a time to cut calories in an effort to squeeze into those skinny jeans. Having said that, this isn’t a time to start eating for two either.

Weight Gain Guidelines

The ACOG determines your recommended weight gain during pregnancy based on your BMI(Body Mass Index). Your BMI is calculated by assessing body weight in comparison to height. The BMI calculator helps determine if you were underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese before conception. Take note, BMI doesn’t account for muscle mass. So, discuss your numbers with your doctor. [read more]

Find the Best Jogging Stroller

There is so much to consider when you are trying pick out the best jogging stroller for you and your new little workout buddy. Believe me, not all jogging strollers were created equal. Here is a breakdown of all the different features you should think about when choosing a jogging stroller. You can also check out what other moms had to say about their jogging stroller.

$100 vs. $400: Do you get what you pay for?

First thing everyone looks at is the price. Yes, there is going to be a difference between a $400 dollar jogging stroller and a $100 jogging stroller. Having said that, there are definitely some good, quality jogging strollers that are in the mid range price. First, decide what features best fit your needs and then go from there. To be honest, with Grif, I selected a stroller from the lower range price options. It wasn't the best jogging stroller for me. Next time, I am going to shell out the extra money. If you are anything like me, you will get every penny worth. [read more]

Share Your Jogging Stroller Review

From the get-go, my son and my jogging stroller were my two best friends. I can't even begin to tell you how many miles we walked and ran together. However, if I could do it over again, I would’ve picked a different jogging stroller. Before anyone spends another dime on the wrong stroller, tell us about your jogging stroller. Give us your review…what are your likes and dislikes. It's easy! Click here, scroll down and type away. You can even check out what other moms had to say about their jogging stroller.

Recipe of the Month

I have been meaning to try this ziploc omelet recipe that I found in The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno forever. However, I forgot about it and came across it this weekend when I was helping my mom with her meal planning.

I finally tried it and loved it. It is so incredibly easy. You can cook 6-8 omelets at once and then reheat them for an easy snack or an on-the go breakfast.

New Real Fit Recipes

Ginger-Sesame Asparagus
Avacado Turkey Burgers
Spinach Artichoke Dip (shared by Shannon Wagner)

Got an awesome easy recipe? Share it!

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