Pick the Best Jogging Stroller for You!

There is so much to consider when you are trying pick out the best jogging stroller for you and your new little workout buddy. Believe me, not all jogging strollers were created equal. Here is a breakdown of all the different features you should think about when choosing a jogging stroller. You can also check out what other moms had to say about their jogging stroller.

$100 vs. $400: Do you get what you pay for?

First thing everyone looks at is the price. Yes, there is going to be a difference between a $400 dollar jogging stroller and a $100 jogging stroller. Having said that, there are definitely some good, quality jogging strollers that are in the mid range price. First, decide what features best fit your needs and then go from there. To be honest, with Grif, I selected a stroller from the lower range price options. It wasn't the best jogging stroller for me. Next time, I am going to shell out the extra money. If you are anything like me, you will get every penny worth.

Wheel Size

Okay, this next little tid-bit I wish I knew before I purchased my first jogging stroller. Apparently, the bigger the wheels the less resistance and better glide ability...ideal for lots of running. This should’ve been my first priority. However, I was more concerned that it had an IPOD adapter with speakers…awesome. I totally overlooked the fact that it had the smaller 12 inch wheels, better for walking and navigating through tight spaces (like the mall)...not the best jogging stroller for my running needs.

The wheel sizes range from 12” to 20”

  • 12” wheels: Like I said, these are better for walking. Many people also use them as an alternative to the traditional stroller as the small wheels offer better mobility. However, they really aren’t ideal for running workouts.
  • 20” wheels: These big wheels offer the least amount of resistance and greatest glide…great for avid runners. The large wheels handle bumps the best which makes it best for frequent off road use. However, the big tires make them undesirable for around town use.
  • 16” wheels: These wheels are the most popular. They offer the best of both worlds. They provide less resistance which makes them great for runners. Still, they handle well when on a light “off-road” dirt path and have enough maneuverability for around town use, such a parade or festival.

Wheel Type

Look close at the tires. Are they thin and smooth or are they thick and knobby? The thin, smooth tires are best suited for smooth surfaces. They also provide less friction and better glide ability. So, these tires are well suited for those planning to run on smooth surfaces. The thick, knobby tires cause more resistance, more traction and therefore, more control. These all-terrain tires are great for off road adventures, trail running, and beach outings.

Swivel Wheel or Fixed Wheel

Jogging strollers with a swivel wheel turns much easier than a fixed wheel jogging stroller. These are the best jogging strollers for navigating through the streets of Disneyland or the narrow walkways of your favorite clothing store.

For a fixed wheel jogging strollers, you have to push down on the handles to elevate the front wheel when you want to turn. Having said that, the fixed wheel really is better for serious runners.

Most jogging strollers have a locking option. However, you can still get some wobbling when you get going. Swivel wheel strollers are easier to maneuver. If walking is going to be your main form of exercise, the swivel wheel might be the best jogging stroller option for you. However, if running races is more up your alley, a fixed wheel might be a better option.

Do I really need shocks?

This feature really is only necessary for off road adventures or frequent use on very rough surfaces. If the majority of your time is going to be spent on flat roads or paths then this really shouldn’t be a huge concern of yours. Most jogging strollers do have a little shock absorption already built into them.

Don't forget about a reclining seat

This is pretty much a standard features these days. However, make sure it reclines back to your desired angle. Griffin took many naps in his jogging stroller while I worked off that baby weight. However, most do not recline to a completely flat position (ideal for a newborn). Still, some recline further than others. The further back it goes the less opportunity there is for head bobbing when they are young. I can’t rave enough about the Kiddopotamus Infant and Toddler Cradler Head Support. We used it in his jogging stroller to stabilize Griffin’s head…and he used it as a pillow to take a nap during those long runs.

Newborns and Jogging Strollers

Let me remind you that doctors recommend that you don’t start running with your baby until they are at least 6 months old. However, starting at about 6 weeks, newborns can start to enjoy the jogging stroller as long as you stay away from rough surfaces. Again, you might want to use extra head support at that age. Get creative until you can take off running. You can do walking lunges, walking side squats and walking interval workouts to start torching that extra baby weight.

Handle Bar Height

Don’t dismiss this feature. They do range from 36”-45” from the ground. So, if you are really short (like me) you don’t want the 45” option. Both my husband and I ran with Griffin so an adjustable height handle bar might have come in handy.

Canopy Details

The canopy might not sound like a big deal but, it can make for a happy baby or an unhappy baby. My canopy was fixed. As a result, I couldn’t keep the Mississippi sun out of his eyes all the time. I think the best jogging strollers have a canopy that detaches from the top so you can move it all the way up and down.

Know your colors

For the most part, your favorite color might play the biggest role in jogging stroller color selection. However, some things you might not have thought of...

  • if you live in a hot sunny place, you might want to shy away from dark colors. They are going to heat up faster and might make for an unhappy baby.
  • If you plan to do some “off roading,” light colors are going to show dirt more.
  • Plan to walk early in the morning when it’s not very light out? Bright colors and reflectors might be the best jogging stroller for you.

That should definitely be enough to get you started. Have fun! Choosing a jogging was my favorite part. Believe me, finding the best jogging stroller for your needs will make all the difference. Happy shopping!

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