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Researching the best jogging strollers can be time consuming. However, with the recent news of the new additions that will be joining the Tucker family and The House family in the near future, there is no doubt that we have baby on our mind these days. Also, it’s not a surprise that we are already mapping out our strategy to rid ourselves of that extra baby weight that goes along with it. Our number one strategy…find a kick butt jogging stroller.

We’ve done our research. To find the best jogging strollers, we have spent hours comparing prices, stroller weight, storage room, folding dimensions, wheel size, reviews, safety features and we have narrowed it down to our four favorites. Hope this saves you a little time as you search through the best jogging strollers. Remember, true jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel to ensure it tracks straight and true. For that reason, our top 4 are all equipped with a fixed front wheel.

Dreamer Slingshot

Price: $199

Stroller wt: 25lbs

Wt limit: 80lbs

Folding dimensions: 42x24x15

The Dreamer Design’s slingshot won us over . We kept going back and forth with the BOB Sport Utility. However, with comparable reviews and the large price difference was hard to ignore. It is definitely our top pick among best jogging strollers.

Outfitted with 16” or 20” (your choice) wheels, aluminum frame, both hand and foot breaks, great suspension, large bubble retractable/adjustable sun canopy, three position reclining seat for baby comfort, height adjustable handle for driver comfort and removable machine washable components. The best jogging strollers have loads of storage and this one is loaded(2 water bottle holders, kids pouches, and large under seat storage). Last, but not least, the price is incredible!

The only downfall we noticed was that it weighed in at 25 lbs and lacked a locking device to hold the stroller in the folded position. Still, reviews did not think the weight hindered the stoller’s glide ability. Actually, the stroller’s center of gravity has been repositioned over the rear wheels improving pivoting movements.

You definitely won't be disappointed with this stroller. Moms just raved and raved about. It really is one of the best jogging strollers around.

BOB Sport Utility Deluxe

Price: $299

Stroller wt: 22 lbs

Wt limit: 70 lbs

Folding dimensions: 42x23x18

The BOB Sport Utility Deluxe (make sure it say’s deluxe. The other one has knobby tires creating more traction and more resistance fit for off road use) came in a close second. However, the price is what drove it into second. Still, you get what you pay for. It is an incredible stroller for jogging, running, walking, and outdoor enthusiasts. It light 21 pound aluminum frame makes for easier pushing and is backed by a 5 year warranty. It sports 16” aluminum semi-slick tires for a great running experience.

It is also equipped with a duel phase 3” suspension that allows for adjustments you child grows in weight. Reviewers also said the suspension enabled the strollers to handle bumps and rough terrain like a dream. The seat is extra padded for comfort, reclines to a 70 degree angle and has removable cloth components for easy cleaning. There is plenty of storage with a large under basket, two internal pockets and a large back pocket.

I do think it fails to provide a handlebar console tray for the jogger to hold a water bottle or hold keys. You can buy that extra, but I thought that was a little disappointing considering the price. Yes, it has a hand break, a foot activated rear break and a height adjustable safety tether. Last but not least, it has a gigantic canopy that reviewers said even protected their children’s little legs.

BOB Ironman

Price: $349 (found on Amazon for $315)

Stroller wt: 20lbs

Wt limit: 70lbs

Folding dimensions: 42x23x18

Yes, a little pricy but you’ll never regret it. Many runners believe it to be one of the best jogging strollers,if not the best, on the market. The BOB Ironman is one of the lightest jogging strollers around and every pound helps as you are pushing you little bundle of joy up those hills.

It is said to be easy to maneuver and handles bumps and rough terrain with ease. The steering was reported to be impeccable due to the one, handed adjustable tracking knob. It is outfitted with narrow 16” slick tires for a superior running experience. Added bonus, the aluminum alloy frame is backed by a 5 year warranty. It is no wonder the BOB Ironman is the official jogging stroller of the Ironman Triathlon.

It is also made with a stain-resistant rip stop fabric that makes it incredibly durable. Again, there is plenty of storage with a large under basket, two internal pockets and a large back pocket. It does not provide a handlebar console tray for the jogger to hold a water bottle or keys. You can buy that extra, but I thought that was a little disappointing considering the price.

It is also equipped with a duel phase 3” suspension that allows for adjustments you child grows in weight. The suspension system makes for a much smoother ride and a happy passenger. The seat is extra padded and reclines up to 70 degrees also making your little workout buddy comfortable and happy. It does lack a height adjustment handlebar but there were no complaints when it came to the comfort of pushing it.

It does provide that foot break and a hand break for extra safety. The canopy is next to none as it is said to shield even the little legs of your passenger and provides a canopy window so you can keep an eye on them.

InStep 10K Ultimate

Price: $169

stroller wt: 18lbs

Wt limit: 50lbs

Folding dimensions: 35x19x16

First of all, you just can’t beat the price. A quality jogging stroller for that price is hard to find. It’s light weight and large 16” smooth tires provide a great jogging experience. The large amount of storage is also another huge plus. It is equipped with a parent tray featuring two cup holders, to pouches on the back of the stroller, and a large under basket.

The seat itself does recline but doesn’t seem to be as large and cushiony as the previous strollers. The weight limit is also only 50 lbs so it might only be useful for a couple years where as the other three have a 70-80 lb weight limit…just something to consider. There were no complaints when it came to driver comfort for short, medium or tall. However, maneuverability was best when tires were kept strictly at 40 psi.

The sun protection canopy is sufficient even though it doesn’t seem to adjust so low rays might be a problem. The seat cushion is removable and stain-resistant making clean up a cinch. So, while it is no Ironman, it is still a great option if you are on a budget and definitely worthy of being one of the best jogging strollers around.

Honorable Mention

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

Price: $379

Stroller wt: 23 lbs

Wt limit: 70lbs

Folding dimensions: 42x23x17

This stroller is really considered an All-Terrain stroller. The thicker, knobby tires (16” in the rear and 12” in the front)and front swivel- lock wheel make it a great option for active health oriented people. Gravel, sand, grass, dirt and even store isles were no match for this stroller. Even though it is not for dedicated runners, we were still incredibly impressed with this stroller.

BOB teamed up with Stroller Strides Lisa Druxman to develop and “exercise-specific” stroller. Of course it comes with all the great BOB features such as a huge canopy to protect your workout partner, a two step easy folding mechanism, stain-resistant and rip stop fabric, two phase adjustable suspension, large seating cushy seating and great storage (even in seat mesh bottle holders for the little one).

The fun part is the fact that it comes with a fitness kit complete with resistance tubing, a Stroller Strides exercise manual and coupons for a week of free Stroller Strides Classes. You can get creative with lunges, bicep curls, intervals, power walking and more all while your little one is sleeping. So, while it may not be one of the best jogging strollers, it is definitely the BEST FITNESS STROLLER!

Dreamer Manhattan

Price: $216

Stroller wt: 25lbs

Wt limit: 80lbs

Folding dimensions: 42x22x16

Again, not a stroller for dedicated runners but one of the best jogging strollers for those parents that love the outdoors and are health oriented as it is considered a hybrid all-terrain quasi-jogging stroller.

It is equipped with a front swivel wheel so navigating corners is a piece of cake. It is easy to push, easy to fold and easy to clean (stain resistant machine washable fabric). There is plenty of storage with two bottle holders on the back, pouches and large under carriage basket. It is also outfitted with a rotating bubble canopy (block the rays at any angle) with side ventilation and a peekaboo window for parents.

Added bonus, it comes with a rain canopy for those yucky days. The roomy reclining seat makes it comfy for the passenger and the adjustable handlebars make it enjoyable for the driver. The frame is backed with a 20 year warranty so rest assured you will get you money’s worth.

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