Exercise Links and More

The Exercise links below are some invaluable sites that offer additional quality information on fitness, nutrition, weight loss and more....Enjoy!"

Mom Help

SAHMAnswers.com - a magazine written by Stay at Home Moms giving hopefully one or two answers to help you get through the day.

Expert Mom - Start you day with a cup of coffee and Expert Mom. Ask her any question you want or read what others have asked. Either way, it's a great resource for us moms.

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness and Exercise Programs

BeFit-Mom provides free, expert information and advice on all aspects of prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise to help women have healthier pregnancies and babies.


Runner's World - My all time favorite running website for beginners to seasoned runners!Find a race, pick a shoe, get advice

The Fitness Motivator: This site provides information and inspiration to help those with busy lives achieve their fitness goals. It includes guidance and tips on nutrition, exercises, walking, running, and much, much more.

How to Choose Running Shoes - Free Guide Details Simple Steps For Choosing the Right Running Shoes!


Hungry Girl...Tips and Tricks for Hungry Chicks!

Calorie King: My favorite food database website. Look up any food for nutritional info and more.

Yoga Diets ..."Eat to live, not live to eat"


Shopping Made Easy...Everything you need from Bedding, Clothing, Gear, Gifts, Maternity, Toys and More!


Worksite Health Promotion: Take it to the workplace! Recruiting your office mates just might be the key to fitness success. Learn more about starting a wellness program within you organization as well as more about other important health topics!

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