Eddie Bauer Jogger

by Sheri
(Fairfield Township)

I'm not sure this is the exact name of mine, and it's 6 years old, so you probably can't even buy it anymore,however... the best things about it are the hand brake and the built in pedometer and pocket for a water bottle. It is wonderful on the beach and any straight road/sidewalk.

The bad thing about it is the front wheel doesn't swivel, so turning is a pain. I'd also like more storage on the bottom, but there's enough to run/walk with, just not for normal stroller use. I would make sure any jogger I bought (and most have this now anyway) had a swiveling wheel on the front.

I'm pretty sure it was an expensive stroller, and I got it by mistake--it was a gift and the person actually ordered a car seat base online, and they sent the jogger instead. She only got charged the $25 for the base! What a deal!

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