Skinny Girl Margarita


  • 2 ounces white(clear) tequila (100 percent agave). Count 1, 2 while you pour; no need for measuring.

  • Large splash of fresh lime juice, or 4 lime wedges

  • Tiny splash of orange or citrus liqueur

  • A splash of club soda to lighten it up, optional

Combine all ingredients over a glass of ice or in a shaker and stir. If using lime wedges, squeeze them into the glass. If you want to garnish the rim with sugar, rub a lime wedge around the edge of the glass and dip it before adding the drink.

You can also make it in a blender. Fill the glass overflowing with ice, then add the ice and the other ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth.

Serves 1 (you can double, triple, or quadraple it if you are serving others.)

Source: Bethenny Frankel in her book "Naturally Thin"

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