Chariot Cougar

by Holley
(Oak Harbor, WA)

30+ Mile Ride by Winthrop, WA

30+ Mile Ride by Winthrop, WA

I love this stroller but not just for the jogging ability. I had already returned a BOB to REI and settled on this one because I could use it for a bike trailer as well as a jogger. While it works fine as a jogger what I really liked about it is being able to use stroller wheels, or a jogging wheel or a bike trailer all in one.

The other nice feature about the Chariot is the little ones have a spot for their helmet to lean back so it does not get tipped forward on their head and make for an uncomfortable ride. Speaking of comfort, it has a very easy to adjust suspension system that changes as they gain weight. Many a times my son has fallen asleep in this stroller.

My only complaint would be I wish it had a removable seat cushion that I could wash. I bought this three years ago so maybe they do by now.

This is a very sturdy stroller. Packs up well too.

I see the price of a new Chariot stroller has jumped about $250 from when I purchased it. That seems a bit stiff to me. Should be a few floating around on craigslist...

That is my two cents!

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