Getting Fit After The Baby Comes

In the five years that I have been married, I have had three beautiful babies. Yet with these blessings from God, I received another addition in my life: an extra 56 pounds.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is quite normal, but with shorter age gaps between my children, I had no time to shed off the baby weight. I read about women losing weight during breast-feed, or getting back in shape due to the increase of workload – the amount of laundry had doubled, more visits to grocery stores, cleaning the house took more hours, and so on. But my weight stuck with me like a ball and chain. This is mainly due to the fact that for mothers, that new little someone will be relying on them for everything, leaving no time for exercise, diet programs or healthy eating.

I went out shopping for a sexy outfit for my anniversary, but every dress I liked did not come in my size. I found out that my pre-marriage size six was now a size 12. Gaining this weight was so easy! A revelation hit me that day: I need to be fit and healthy for myself and for my children. Instead of purchasing a new outfit, I went to the bookstore and grabbed a few books and DVDs that promised healthy and satisfying results of losing baby weight within six months.

It has been almost a month since I have made workouts, healthy eating and other ways to losing weight a lifestyle for myself. I turn on upbeat music in my living room and begin aerobics or dance moves for an hour. An air of excitement spreads in the room and my eldest son joins in with me while my other two daughters stare at us in awe and anticipation. I cook healthy meals that I download from the Internet and ensure everyone eats healthy a meal that is scrumptious.

So far, I have lost 6 pounds. I know with a little more effort and patience, I will shed off my baby weight in six months. I do not aim to reach to size zero, but only to fit in smaller clothes and living a healthy lifestyle with my children. The feeling of accomplishment empowers me after every pound lost and the high I get from a workout drives me to staying fit for life!

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