My New Year's Revolution

by Amanda
(San Diego, CA)

5 days after having baby #3 via C-section

5 days after having baby #3 via C-section

Yes, that's right, I meant to say "Revolution". I figured that after 3 babies in 4 years, I need a drastic, completely revolutionary change in order to undo the havoc a chocolate shake a day for 4 years wreaked on my thighs. So I thought about Yoga, Piltes, circuit training at a gym... But to pay for daycare for 3 kids while I worked out just wasn't affordable for me. And just wouldn't burn enough calories. We're talking about major fat-burning necessary, here.

After baby #2, I received a double jogger as a gift from the grand-parents. But it didn't get too much use as I woke up one day surprised to be pregnant with #3! Depression and more chocolate shakes followed. I decided that the only way I was going to be able to work out with my lifestyle was to have the kids simply join me. I decided that running with the jogger was the way to go. It was a minimal investment for me. I already had the stroller & shoes...could be done indoors or out...for free...and I can wear my "mom uniform" (sweats and tees). Plus--I was very motivated by some amazing women friends I know who've made stunning transformations to their own bodies through running. You don't see any fat runners, do you? I mean real runners- athletes- not just the people who do it to appease their guilt after gorging on pizza and fries and ice cream or beer.

I wanted to become an athlete, too. Where going up stairs was no longer cause for an O2 tank. I made a promise to myself that I would run in and complete my first 5K before the end of the year. Great! I had a goal. Now, just how was I going to do it? I needed a trainer but couldn't afford one. I read some beginning running advice online and a friend (Hi Kate!) recommended the "Couch to 5K" prgram. I searched for and found it. Sounded reasonably doable. It promised that within 9 weeks, I'd be able to run a 5K. I started running on January 1 and could barely run the initial 30 second runs that it called for. I set out with a stop watch, a wrist watch, the stroller, the 2 babies in one stroller, the husband with the other kid in another stroller, water bottles...It was just too much going on.

Since the hub is a seasoned runner, he felt my program was "tedious". So I had to ditch him! I revamped the program so that I was running alone (no one to slow me down or try to push me too hard), put kid #1 in preschool 2 days a week so only had to take the 2 babies in the duallie (a.k.a. double stroller) and set out to the rubberized track on base.

In the meantime, Kate found me a podcast which I downloaded onto my hub's new iPod so that I didn't have to juggle with the timer/watch. It was great. It's set to music and a voice gives the instructions to walk or run. There is a new one every week to guide me through the program (Thank you to Robert Ullrey). I also purchased the Nike+ sensor for my shoe and a little shoe wallet thing 'cause the Brooks don't have a place for it.

So far so good...until the knee pain!! Wow. That hurt. I felt like my knees were going to shatter. I thought "No way can this be normal!" It wasn't like the aches and pains of a good workout. This was excruciating, sharp, stabbing pain. After much advice, internet research and ibuprofen, I decided to visit a real running store. The sales guy put me in a "neutral" shoe and instructed me to run in the parking lot. Was he kidding? I thought I looked soooo stupid. "Yep, she's overpronating" he told Hub. I tried on at least 8 pairs of shoes before settling on my Brooks. And would you believe that I have never, ever felt that pain since!?!?!

I am now up to running 5 minutes straight, or at least twice around the track without stopping. It's the end of week 4 for me. (If you do the math, it's been way more than 4 weeks since the start, but have taken time off due to illness, knee injury, visitors and various appointments. But I'm still at it! And I have 'till the end of the year according to my promise to myself.) I have yet to lose any poundage, but if it happens, maybe I can add to this new "Flab Manifesto" in the future if Sommer allows.

But, my body was slowly starting to put the curves back where they belonged. If I keep this up, I may actually buy a pair of shorts this year! I'm not too abitious as to think it may be a new bathing suit! Oh dread!

Visit my Nike+ page to view my latest run.

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