Basic Lunge

Lateral Raise Combo

*How to Pictures at the bottom

Target Muscles:

Glutes (Butt), quads, hamstrings, calves, deltoids (shoulders)

How To:

• Start in an elongated stride with right foot in front, legs straight, dumbbells in each hand hanging straight down

• Bend both knees until right leg is parallel with the ground and left leg is perpendicular to the ground, left heel is off the ground, good posture

• Simultaneously lift dumbbells out to your side until arms are shoulder height, keep arms straight

• Exhale and pushing off the ball of your right foot return to the starting

• At the same time, lower arms slowly back to your side

• Repeat on same leg until you reach your desire number of reps and then switch legs

Important: Never allow your front knee to extend past your toes. Keep and good posture throughout the entire movement.

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