Benefits of Personal Training

I know what you’re thinking. What are the benefits of personal training? Is it really worth the money? Ten years ago I might have said it’s up for debate. I had always been in shape from playing sports and didn’t see what the big deal was. However, since then, I have had a baby and experienced first- hand the challenges of losing a fair amount of weight. Honestly, I don’t know how I would’ve done it without my background in personal training. Even more, over the years, I have watched the transformation of my clients’ bodies as well as their self-esteem, something they had been trying to accomplish for many years by themselves. I learned very quickly that the fitness knowledge that I too often take for granted is not common knowledge at all. People need pointed in the right direction and a foundation to build on. They need the support and confidence to believe in themselves and their goals. So, do I think it is worth the money? Absolutely, the benefits of personal training are invaluable! It’s worth every penny!

Top 9 Benefits of Personal Training

  1. Accountability

    This is definitely one of the most important benefits of personal training. How many times have you fully intended on working out but came up with whatever excuse possible to bail? We’ve all done it. Research shows that you are less likely to hit that snooze button or drive pass the gym on the way home from work if you have an obligation to meet someone there…say, your personal trainer.

  2. Knowledge

    There are so many components that can affect your success on your weight loss or fitness journey. I’ve had many clients say to me, “If only I’d known that a couple months ago, it would have saved me so much frustration”. A personal trainer will help you get started off on the right foot and set you up for success.

  3. Individualized Program

    A personal trainer will design an individualized fitness program based on your needs. She will help you identify your goals and obstacles and then help you design a plan to most effectively reach those goals.

  4. Efficiency

    If there is anything we lack these days, it’s time. A huge benefit of personal training sessions is the fact that she will get you in and out of that gym in 60 minutes, period. She will have your program designed for you so there is no roaming around the weight room wondering what exercise to do next. Not to mention, you will be surprised how much time you save just by the fact that she gets your weights out for you and returns them…for once, someone will be waiting on YOU hand and foot.

  5. Get the most out of your workout

    This goes hand in hand with efficiency. However, your time is precious, so a personal trainer ensures that you blast as many calories as possible in those 60 minutes.

  6. Motivating

    A personal trainer can push you to your limits…somewhere you would never push yourself. I’ve had many clients tell me that I have encouraged them to accomplish moves that they would have never thought possible. These type of accomplishments are self-esteem boosters and incredibly important on a weight loss journey.

  7. Proper Technique and Form

    I want to scream every time I see someone in the gym leaning back as they do bicep curls, doing the chest press at mach speed, or hanging on to the treadmill as they walk up hill. They are cheating themselves out of results. A personal trainer will teach you how to perform the exercises properly to get the most out of them while ensuring your safety.

  8. Keeps Things Interesting

    On the same token, another benefit of personal training is that your routine will be continually changing in an effort to avoid hitting a plateau and ward off boredom. The fact that a personal trainer is educated in how to design a program that continually challenges your body is key to getting results and keeping you motivated.

  9. Support

    The road to weight loss is not just a physical journey, but a psychological and emotional journey as well. Having someone that you know is backing you 100 percent and pulling for you can make or break it. Having someone you can confide in that won’t judge you or put you down is invaluable. One of the top benefits of personal training is definitely support.

Don’t just pick any old personal trainer!

Do your research. Make sure they have a certification from an accredited organization (ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA). Also, ensure that your goals fit the trainer’s experience. Some trainers work more with athletes, while others focus on those with weight loss goals or personal training for women. It also helps to talk with them a bit before you commit. You want to make sure your personalities mesh. Some people might prefer a hard-nosed, aggressive trainer like Jillian Micheals, while others might do better with someone more like Bob, from The Biggest Loser. It’s also not a bad idea to ask for a few references. Hey, this is your health we are talking about!


Let’s get Started!

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