Best Workout Music Marathon Mix

Marathon Mix

I agree, running can get rather boring…unless, you have the right running music. I didn’t quiet realize how important it was until I started to train for this half marathon. Now, my music is everything. I ran 8.5 miles just the other day and loved every second...thanks to my music.

My Best Workout Music Marathon mix runs about 55 minutes. It doesn’t usually get me all the way through my really long runs, but I don’t mind hitting repeat for Everybody Dance Now (I just love this song) and So What. Again, I found all these songs on iTunes.

  • Everybody Dance Now (Rock This Party)- Biggest Loser Workout Mix- (3:50)
  • So What
  • - Pink (3:35)

  • Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis (4:22)
  • I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry (3:01)
  • Fighter
  • - Christina Aguilera (4:06)

  • Shut Up and Drive- Rihanna (3:32)
  • Hot ‘n Cold - Katy Perry (3:40)
  • Disturbia - Rihanna (3:59)
  • Low Workout Remix)- Power Music Workout (5:36)
  • Don't even know his last name - Carrie Underwood (4:04)
  • Clumsy (Davidson Ospina Remix)- Everybody Dance Now, Vol. 1 (DJ-Friendly, Full Length Dance Mixes)- (7:11)
  • Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne (3:37)
  • Never Alone -Jim Brickman featuring Hillary Scott & Lady Antebellum (3:40)
  • Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band (3:57)

Do you have a playlist that your feet can’t get enough of? Please share. While you are there, check out the other shared playlists! You can never have too many kick butt mixes!

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