Bicep Curls

Learn how to reshape your arms with the bicep curls All you need is two dumbbells so try this exercise at home.

Incorporating balance with a single leg bicep makes this a great core exercise too. It saves time and intensifies your weight loss workout.

Target Muscles:

Biceps (front of upper arm)

How To:

  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • For single leg curls, stand on left leg with your right leg off the ground and your right knee pulled in toward your chest. Switch legs for the next set. Adding balance to the mix adds an extra challenge for your core
  • Knees slightly bent and back straight, dumbbells at side with arms straight and palms facing forward
  • Raise the dumbbells up toward your bicep by bending at elbow
  • Keep upper arm still, elbows glued to your side and wrists locked stop ¾ way to the top
  • Hold for a beat

  • Return to start position with slow and controlled movement
  • Alternating the same movement and isolation except lift AND lower the right arm before lifting the left arm

Important: To isolate your biceps, keep the upper part of your arm still. Don’t swing your arms or your back to help you. Use slow controlled movements, especially on the way down. It is easy to just let the weights drop…you’re cheating yourself.

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