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Burpies are an excellent way to work the upper and lower body while incorporating cardio into your workout session.

Target Muscles:

Chest, Shoulders, Abs, Quads (front, upper leg), glutes (butt), calves

How To:

  • Start in the plank/pushup position
  • Jump your feet up toward your hands and land so you are in the squat position
  • Now jump straight up in the air, getting your feet off the ground and reaching for the sky
  • Land in the squat position, place your hands back on the floor and jump your feet back to the pushup position

Advance: Do a pushup before you jump your feet forward into the squat position

Important: Go as fast as you can with good form…we want your heart rate up. Also, keep your core tight so that your back doesn’t sag when you jump back into the pushup position.

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