Crab Walk with Reverse Plank

Target Muscles:

Back, Shoulders, Glutes (Butt)

How To:

• Lay on your back

• Place your hands about 8” away from your shoulders

• Push up into the “bridge” position with feet flat and under your knees

• Your body from your knees to your shoulders should be fairly flat…don’t let it sag

• Walk forward and backward by simultaneously moving the left hand and left foot and then the right hand and right foot

Reverse Plank Add On: you can add 5 leg lifts with each leg after you have completed the instructed number of “crab” walks. Keeping the leg straight , lift your toe up toward the sky and lower it back down…don’t let your butt sag!

Important: Relax your head and neck. Don’t let your body collapse by keeping your core tight.

Leave Crab Walk for Strength Training