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Mar 12, 2010
Simply WOW!
by: Qayyiem

Dear Tammy,

I felt so overwhelmed :-( Being 35 y/o, working full time, working hours is long (11 hrs/day)and odd days. Currently at the 35th weeks of my first pregnancy. Planning to nurse my baby exclusively for at least 6 months. I know that I have to take an extra 500 calories everyday in order for me to do so and don't know how I'm going to get back in shape...

Then I came accross your success story and I'm so inspired by it! It's doable! Wish me luck Tammy
:-). I'll do my best!!

Nov 20, 2009
I wanna cry
by: Anonymous

I just read your story and saw that you had a c-section like myself. Many people have told me that I will not be able to get a flat stomach because I did have a c-section, I know from your story hard work and dedication I may be able to get a firm fit body and tummy back :-) Thank you you are inspiring

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