I Made It My Mission

by Tammy Stewart
(Edmonton Alberta, Canada)

My daughter and I

My daughter and I

Tammy Stewart single mom
Age 33
Height, 5'3
Starting weight: 150lbs AFTER delivery
Current weight: 110lbs

I have two children, ages 11 and 10 months.
I had alot of complications with my second pregnancy. My daughter was born 2.5 months premature by emergency c-section, and weighed a bruising 2lbs, 14oz. She remained in the hospital until nearly her original due date, and due to my own surgery, I was advised to not work out, lift anything heavy etc for 8 weeks. Like any new mom who has just had a baby, I really hated the fact that I had a muffin top. I couldn't believe after having a 2lb baby, I still had 20lbs to lose to reach my preprenancy weight of 125lbs.

My daughter came home when she was over two months old, healthy and nursing alot. I discovered she was having some stomach problems, so I really found it difficult to maintain any kind strict eating plan or structured workout routine. At 6 months old things finally turned around; her stomach was tolerating what I ate without irritation after, and she started sleeping through the night.

It was amazing how motivated I felt to start working out again! I bought a cheap elliptical for my living room, and made it my mission to use it 3x's a week. I would pop in reruns of sex in the city, desperate housewives, or ghost whipserer and enjoy watching an episode while on the machine, and the baby was napping. The excess weight slowly started to move. I signed my kids up at the gym daycare and would go to the gym on the days I couldn't get my 'video' in in the morning, or just when I felt I needed some time to myself. I also became really consiencous of what I was eating.

It took about 2.5 months to reach my prepregnancy weight of 125lbs. However, it was a comment 'that you look good for having a baby' that I wondered, what if I just kept going to see if I could reach my own 'ideal' weight of 110lbs? By July 4th I reached my goal of 110lbs, and I look and feel better than ever!

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