Jump Lunges

I love to throw these into my workouts. It's a great way to get your heart rate up and tone your legs at the same time. My husband thinks they are a form of torture!

Target Muscles:

Glutes (Butt),Quads (front,upper leg), Hamstring(back,upper leg), Calves

How To:

  • Start in the lunge position…one leg forward and the other back
  • Jump up, both feet coming off the floor and switch legs in mid-air…the one that was in back is not in front
  • Drop back down into a lunge
  • Repeat for instructed number of reps or amount of time

Important: This is more of an advanced move. If you don’t feel comfortable with it or have knee problems try Alternate lunges. Also, land more on your toes…not flat foot and on your heels.

Start here but without the weights

Jump and switch legs

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