The Lawnmower

Target Muscles:

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abs

How To:

  • Position yourself in a side lunge…right leg out in front with right elbow resting on right knee
  • Position your left hand down by your right foot close to the floor, palms facing in toward your foot
  • Pull the weight from the floor to your waist using your upper back muscle (like when your start a lawn mower
  • Your elbow will bend and be pointed up toward the sky
  • Slowly and with control lower the weight back toward the floor
  • Repeat for the instructed amount of reps and switch arms

Using a band…step on band with front foot (play with it until you find the right resistance), perform same movement as described above

Important: Make sure your really focus on using your lat muscles (upper back) to pull the weight up toward your waist. Also, don’t let momentum take over…nice slow controlled movements

Leave The Lawnmower for Strength Training