Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are one of my favorite exercises to get the heart rate up. Added engages your core and works your shoulders too! Throw it in there after 3 or 4 exercises to intensify your workout.

*How to pictures at the bottom!

Target Muscles:

Chest, Shoulders, Abs, Cardiovascular system

How To:

  • Start in the plank/pushup position with your body in a straight line, hands directly under your shoulders
  • Jump your left foot forward driving your knee up toward your chest (left foot stays off the ground)
  • Your right foot stays out behind you in the start position
  • Very quickly, return your left foot to the start position and simultaneously, repeat the same move with the right foot
  • Repeat at a rapid pace for the instructed amount of time

Important: Don’t let your butt get extend up in the air and remember to breath.

Leave Mountain Climbers for Strength Training