Plank on Stability Ball Core Exercise

The Plank on Stability Ball is definitely one of the best ab workouts. Learn how to sculpt your abs with this effective exercise ball workout.

I like to have my husband "punch" the sides of the stability ball while I try to maintain control to intensify my ab workouts. All you need is a stability ball and you can do this exercise at home. Try're whole core with be on fire!

*How to picture at the bottom

Target Muscles:

Abs, Shoulders, Chest, glutes, lower back…great for the core!

How To:

  • Position yourself on a stability ball by placing your forearms on top of the ball, legs straight out behind you, on your toes (on the ground)
  • Keep your abs tight and back straight
  • Your upper body should be elevated off the ball...not resting on it
  • Advanced...slowly lift your right leg out to the side to about a 45 degree angle for a leg adbuction
  • Hold for a 8 seconds and and switch legs

Important: Don’t let your butt get extended up in the air but don’t let it sag either…your spine should be straight. Keeping your eyes focused on the ground will help with this. Keep your core tight by pulling in your belly button toward your spine.

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