"Snack Attack" Snack Ideas

Back To Nature Snack Packs

This is definitely one of the best snack ideas I have found. I was so excited when I discovered this snack a couple of months ago. First of all, they come in those very convenient, portion control, prepackaged bags. When I'm on the run I am always looking for something convenient to grab for my mid morning or mid afternoon snack.

It weighs in with 190 calories. That might sound like a lot to you when you are used to grabbing those 100 (empty) calorie snack packs. However, those 190 calories are packed with 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber leaving you satisfied for longer.

I am a big fan of the blueberry with flaxseed variety. Flaxseed has become very popular as studies are starting to uncover the possible health benefits...lowering cholesterol, lowering the risk of cancers such as breast cancer, and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

The fact that flaxseed is loaded with fiber and healthy fat makes it a great tool for weight loss as it leaves you feeling satisfied for longer...unlike those 100 calories snack pack of cookies or Cheetos. So, whether you munch on them in the car or use them as a yogurt topper I guarantee you'll fall in love with them.

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