Sumo Squats Wood Chop

Learn how to reshape your legs, shoulders and core with Sumo Squats Wood Chop. This is an awesome exercise for women trying to get the best results for their shoulders, abs, hips, butt and hamstrings.

This squat modification is a great way to hit that inner and outer thigh area. And, incorporating your upper body will intensify your weight loss workout. All you need is one light weight dumbbell, so try this exercise at home for a kick butt exercise workout.

*How to pictures at bottom

Target Muscles:

Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes (Butt), Shoulders, Core

How To:

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart, feet angled outward, weight on heels, abs pulled in and good posture. With your arms straight, hold the dumbbell off to the right side of your head.
  • Lower yourself down by bending your knees. Keep your back straight and don’t lean forward until your upper thigh is parallel to the ground
  • Simultaneously, keeping your arms straight, lower the weight down to your left knee (like you are chopping wood…hence the name)
  • Exhale and return to the start position by driving through your heals and straightening your legs and lifting the weight back to the right side of your head (arms straight)
  • At the top, squeeze your butt cheeks together like you are picking up a $100 bill
  • Do the recommended number of reps and then switch sides with your arms

Important: Never let your knees extend past your toes. Keep a straight back. Don’t lean forward.

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