Walking Lunges

Target Muscles:

Glutes(Butt),Quads (front,upper leg), Hamstring(back,upper leg), Calves

How To:

  • Stand with good posture
  • Feet together
  • Step straight out with one foot about 2 feet
  • Lower upper body toward the ground keeping front knee behind toe and shin perpendicular to ground

  • Push straight up (like a carouselhorse)driving through your front heel and step forward with your back foot into another lunge
  • Continue lunging/walking forward
  • Lunges with Lateral Raises...with dumbbells in each hand, slowly lift them straight out to your side (up to shoulder height) as you lunge down. Return them to your side as you come out of your lunge

Important: Knee should not touch ground. When knee extends out passed the toes this causes unnecessary stress on knee. Also, keep a good posture…try not to lean forward

Leave Walking Lunges for Strength Training