Calories Burned Running

The number of calories burned running are superior in comparison to any other aerobic activity. Is it a coincidence that more women are lacing up their shoes and pounding the pavement these days? I don't thinks so. Since weight loss is a numbers game, calorie in versus calories out, check out how many calories you torched on your last run. Not a runner? You can also calculate any other type of aerobic activity.

It has long been argued that walking and running burn the same number of calories per mile. However, without getting too scientific on you, it is a fact that you torch 5 calories per liter of oxygen you consume when participating in a continuous exercise. You would have to agree that you consume more oxygen running than walking.
In support, a Syracuse Research team performed an experiment involving 12 men and 12 women. Their caloric burn was measured for both walking and running a distance of one mile on a treadmill. You might be surprised to learn that their Net Calorie Burn was 50 percent higher for the one mile run (9.5min mile pace) than the one mile walk (19 min mile pace). They also point out that since you can run 2 miles in the time it takes to walk one mile, running actually blasts four times as many net calories as walking per hour.

As a mom, I am always looking to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to exercise. Also consider the fact that it is inexpensive, can be performed year round, doesn’t require a lot of talent, and can be performed while pushing a jogging stroller; it is not wonder, running as become an integral part of my workout regimen.

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