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St. Patrick's Day Fit Alcohol Choices

Everyone's at least a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

Naturally, we have a “few” drinks in honor of Saint Patrick. However, in honor of our “skinny jeans”, we must choose our alcohol wisely!

Here’s why… really adds up!!!

In all seriousness, alcohol is our “skinny jeans” biggest enemy.

Alcohol is nothing but empty calories. It actually promotes and causes fat storage.

If that isn’t enough, alcohol makes us hungry by lowering our blood sugar levels. With our willpower nowhere to be found, we end up with the munchies and everything is fair game.

Be honest, when else have you made an emergency midnight stop at Taco Bell and ordered one of everything from the value menu?

Having said that, it’s not realistic to ask you to cut out alcohol completely. So, be smart! Stay away from the sugary drinks!

Instead opt for clear alcohol and a calorie free mixer such as Diet Pepsi. And remember, on the rocks is always better than frozen!

Keep all this in mind while you’re on your quest to fit back into your “skinny jeans”!

low calorie alcohol choices

More Drinks and Their Caloric Content

Mike's Hard Lemonade - 240 calories

Smirnoff Ice - 240 calories

Apple Martini (cocktail glass) - 235 calories

Beer (12oz) - 146 calories

Red wine (4oz) - 74 calories…double that…I know you fill it to the brim

White wine (4oz) - 80 calories…same goes!

80 Proof Rum (1.5oz) - 96 calories…not bad if you mix with calorie free mixer!

80 Proof Vodka (1.5oz) - 96 calories

80 Proof Gin (1.5oz) - 96 calories

80 Proof Whiskey (1.5oz) - 96 calories

A complete list of acoholic drinks and their caloric content

Who are we kidding…how many of us only drink 4 ounces of wine?

If your wine glasses are anything like mine, they hold about 8 ounces and we don’t hesitate to fill it to the tippy top over and over again.

THE CALORIES REALLY ADD UP!!!!! Remember, it only takes 3500 extra calories to gain ONE pound of fat. Drink two margaritas and you're halfway there. So, if you are serious about weight loss, be smart and be careful!

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