Repetitions vs. Weight...

How Much Weight Should I Use?

How many repetitions should we being doing is one of the most popular questions I get as a personal training. Well, we all know that strength training is one of the weight loss secrets. But, are you lifting enough weight; that is the real question.

Chances are, probably not. You should be lifting 60-80% of your 1RM (repetition max). So, for example, if you can perform the leg press with 100lbs only 1 time, then somewhere between 60-80lbs would be your magic number.

However, I think it is easier to think of it this way. You should be able to complete anywhere between 8 and 15 reps. But, here's the key. The last 3 reps should really be challenging. If you breeze right through them and get to 15 with no problem, then you aren’t using enough weight to stimulate muscle growth.

I know what you are thinking; you don’t want to get bulky. Listen, it can’t happen, it’s not possible…we don’t have enough testosterone! Remember, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is, the more calories you will burn throughout the day. So, get in there and really give those muscles a workout!

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