The Skinny on How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It can be overwhelming to when trying to avoid holiday weight gain. It’s hard to believe that we are already heading into the holiday season! It is an exciting time, however it can become a dreaded season for individuals trying to lose weight (or maintain weight for that matter). Many people fear the unwanted pounds that often come with high sugar and high fat holiday food.

The fact of the matter is that the holidays DO NOT have to be scary. If you pay attention to portion sizes and choose your “treats” wisely it IS possible to avoid holiday weight gain and make it through the holidays without gaining a pound! What matters the most is the total amount and types of food you eat over several days. Read on for holiday tips!

Party Tips

  • Scope out all of the food options prior to loading your plate
  • Pick out the foods that you really like or would want to try
  • Try rating food on a scale of 1-10… ONLY EAT 9 and 10’s!
  • Remember, you can have some holiday treats, but just watch portions and choose wisely
  • When you go to holiday parties offer to bring a healthy dish
  • Eat slowly to increase your ability to recognize when you are full
  • Never stand while you eat…sit down and enjoy it (studies show we tend to eat more when we stand)
  • Leave the table shortly after you are done eating… try socializing away from the food!
  • Don’t stand by the buffet or snack bar
  • Hold a glass of water or crystal light to keep your hands occupied and unfocused on food
  • Keep those alcoholic drinks to a minimum…they add up! (more on alcohol)
  • Do not leave the house hungry, try having a string cheese or piece of fruit prior to leaving for a holiday party
  • Do not skip meals to save calories, this action typically increases your chances of overeating at the next meal
  • Concentrate on socializing, making new acquaintances, and having fun
  • Choose your social situations wisely, do not put yourself in uncomfortable settings or with people who cause undue stress

Small Changes

The funny thing about holidays is people grab for food that they usually never select. It is important to remember that just because the food is available it doesn’t mean that we are obligated to eat everything! What I’m trying to say is do not eat the gingerbread boy if it’s pumpkin pie that you desire… remember only eat 9 and 10’s on your rating scale. Small changes can save your daily calorie in-take, a simple meal comparison below demonstrates how your choices can greatly affect your calories.

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