Diet and Exercise Journal

How many times have you started keeping a diet and exercise journal and fizzled out before the week was done? Time is a huge factor and journaling does not have to be perfect. I understand that you may forget a few days and feel overwhelmed, however pick up where you left off, don't forget the whole concept all together! Journaling should be fun and relaxing. There is not an exact science on how you keep your journal, however we have provided guidelines for better results!

Diet and Exercise Journal

Journaling Guidelines:

  • List what you eat throughout the day
  • Provide snack and meal times
  • List exercise and any extra movement
  • Consider and list emotions that accompany eating (i.e. happy, sad, bored, stressed)
  • List beverages consumed
  • Journal additional thoughts or body reactions (ex. If you journal that you experienced constipation when you ate too much fiber, you might start to see correlations with body issues and food choices).

A diet and exercise journal does not have to pertain strictly to weight loss, for a lot of individuals they are a great source of motivation. If you threw on a pedometer and started tracking your steps, it would be motivating to watch your steps steadily increase. You might want to track your family’s eating habits and movement... your kids may not get enough calcium or drink nearly enough water. Journals are great for clarity and a great step in making healthy changes.

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Pick a Journal:
  2. your journal can be as simple as pieces of notebook paper or as complex as a spreadsheet… whatever is motivating for you is what is important!
  3. Choose a Time:
  4. is morning your slow time? Maybe the evening when the kids go to bed? Journaling can almost become your relaxation time (or “ME” time as I like to call it), so try to escape and write down your thoughts for the day.
  5. Write it:
  6. use the above guidelines for journaling ideas, however don’t be tied down to guidelines. Get creative and make this YOUR journal.
  7. Review it:
  8. every week or so, take time to look back through your journal (this is where the learning begins). You may want to consider highlighting problem areas: yellow for carbohydrates, green for extra nibbles, blue for diet soda… you get the point.

What are you waiting for? Start your journaling today and feel free to talk to me. Keep me posted as you unveil your habits and self discoveries!

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