Deadlift with Row

Target Muscles:

Upper, mid and Lower back, Glutes (butt), hamstrings, biceps

How To:

  • Stand feet a little closer than shoulder width apart with a small bend in your knees, dumbbell in each hand with palms of hands facing each other
  • With a straight back and shoulders pulled back, bend at your waist, slowly lower the dumbbells toward the floor until back is parallel with floor, keeping back straight
  • Pause and pull dumbbells up toward your hips, arms should stay close to your body and elbow should rub your rib cage and shoot toward the sky
  • Hold and then slowly lower dumbbells back toward the ground
  • Exhale and slowly lift yourself back into the starting position keeping your back straight and focusing your energy on your hamstrings

Important: Focus your eyes forward to keep your back in the correct position. Don’t round your shoulders or your back. Make sure you keep proper form throughout so you don’t hurt your back. Focus on lifting the dumbbells with your back. Pretend you are squeezing a pencil with your shoulder blades.

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